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Cutting Grooves Vinyl Cuts

7" singles to 12" full albums!

Welcome to the vinyl cutting service from Cutting Grooves

With this service I am able to offer high quality vinyl copies of your music, from DJ dubplates to a transfer of your reel to reel master tapes, keeping faithful to the analogue ideal. One off custom vinyl records and short runs.

As a sound of engineer  for over 30 years I have significant experience in all kinds of music from classical to reggae and beyond.

The machine I use is the only new system currently being produced and is hand built in Germany to very exacting standards and offers very high quality results.

With everything I do I aim to provide clear and simple pricing and am always open to direct communications via email or phone calls.

Basic pricing is as follows:

7" single 4 mins per side £18 plus postage (45RPM) see FAQ for Jukebox singles

10'" EP 4 to 8 mins per side £ 29 plus postage (45RPM)

12" single 6 to 9 minutes per side  £35 plus postage (45 RPM)

12" Album 12 to 15 minutes per side max £48 plus postage (33RPM)

10" & 12" at 78rpm please get in touch ( generally £36) see FAQ for Jukebox 78s.

(discounts for multiple copies and other options are available - see Price List page or just ask!)

Every record includes a simple white label with name(s) of artist and tracks in a dust cover and coloured stiff cardboard outer sleeve (see our services page). In the future I aim to provide personalised covers using your photos and/or sleeve designs.

For details on how to prepare your tracks and how to get them to me please read the FAQ page.

Please CALL 07722 050539 or e-mail info@cuttinggrooves.co.uk for more information.